Surname Wright – People Called “Wright”

Surname Wright
Surname Wright

The surname Wright is an occupational surname that originated in England and is derived from the Old English word “wyrhta”, which means “craftsman” or “builder”.

Here are five people with the surname Wright who are still alive and their brief descriptions:

  1. Ian Wright – Ian Wright is a former English professional footballer who played for Arsenal, Crystal Palace, and West Ham United. He is now a television presenter and pundit, and is known for his candid and often humorous commentary on football matches.
  2. Jess Wright – Jess Wright is an English reality television personality and entrepreneur. She is best known for her appearances on the reality show “The Only Way Is Essex”, and for her work as a fashion designer and businesswoman.
  3. John Wright – John Wright is a British cricket coach and former player. He played for England in the 1980s and 1990s, and has since coached several cricket teams around the world, including the Indian cricket team and the Mumbai Indians.
  4. Mark Wright – Mark Wright is an English television personality, radio presenter, and model. He rose to fame as a cast member of the reality show “The Only Way Is Essex”, and has since hosted several television shows and radio programs.
  5. Sophie Wright – Sophie Wright is a British chef and author who is known for her work in the field of healthy and sustainable cooking. She has written several cookbooks and has worked with numerous organizations. This was to promote healthy eating and sustainable food practices.

Now, let me tell you about another famous person with the surname Wright:

Frankie Wright – Frankie Wright is a British artist and illustrator who was born in 1989 in Norwich, England. She is known for her whimsical and colorful illustrations, which often feature animals, nature, and fantasy themes.

Wright began her career as an illustrator in 2015, and has since worked on numerous projects for clients around the world, including book illustrations, editorial work, and branding projects. She is known for her distinctive style, which combines traditional and digital techniques to create vibrant and eye-catching illustrations.

In addition to her work as an illustrator, Wright is also a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and has spoken openly about her own struggles with anxiety and depression. She uses her art as a tool for self-expression and healing, and encourages others to do the same.

Frankie Wright’s life and work demonstrate the power of creativity and self-expression, and the importance of mental health awareness and advocacy. Her impact on the world of illustration and art has been significant, and she continues to inspire and connect with people around the world.

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