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Hull 01482 293852 – Who’s Calling Me

Hull 01482 293852

ResQ is a technical support and customer service company that works with Vodafone in the UK. They have offices in Hull and call from the number Hull 01482 293852 & 01482 481200 & 01482 293882 & 01482 481481 to try and upgrade Vodafone customers when out of contract. They provide support for Vodafone customers, helping them with a wide range of technical issues related to mobile phones and other devices. They also provide customer service and support for billing and account-related issues.

Hull 01482 293852

ResQ is an outsourced provider that works with Vodafone to ensure that its customers receive high-quality support and service. ResQ is not a standalone company but a subsidiary of Vodafone. ResQ started its operation in 2020, it was founded by Vodafone to provide additional support to customers and improve their overall experience.

Vodafone is a large telecommunications company, and they likely have a number of different companies that provide technical support for their customers.

Some of the companies that may provide technical support for Vodafone include:

  1. ResQ : as I mentioned earlier, ResQ is a subsidiary of Vodafone that provides technical support and customer service for Vodafone customers.
  2. Vodafone’s own technical support team: Vodafone likely has its own in-house technical support team that is responsible for providing support to customers.
  3. Third-party outsourcing companies: Vodafone may also contract with third-party outsourcing companies to provide technical support for their customers.
  4. Manufacturer support: Many devices that Vodafone sells, such as smartphones and tablets, will come with manufacturer support. This will include the manufacturer’s own support website. This is where users can find help and troubleshooting guides, as well as the ability to contact the manufacturer for more in-depth support.

It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other companies that provide technical support for Vodafone. It’s also worth noting that Vodafone’s technical support options may vary depending on the specific product or service that the customer is using.

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