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Surname Baker – People “Baker”

Surname Baker
Looking for a name with a Surname Baker

The surname Baker is an occupational name derived from the Old English word “baecere,” meaning “baker.”

It is one of the most common surnames in English-speaking countries.

Bakers can be traced back to 11th-century England, where they were known for baking bread for their communities.

Some famous people with the surname Baker include actor Tom Baker, musician Chet Baker, and politician James Baker.

Alive today are actress Kathy Baker, journalist Peter Baker, football player Dwayne Baker, musician Ginger Baker, and entrepreneur Sara Blakely.

Here is more detailed information about the surname Baker:

  1. Tom Baker – Tom Baker is an English actor who is best known for playing the fourth incarnation of the Doctor in the long-running British television series Doctor Who. He played the role from 1974 to 1981 and has since become a cult favorite among fans of the show. Before his acting career, Baker served in the British Army and worked as a monk.
  2. Chet Baker – Chet Baker was an American jazz trumpeter, vocalist, and composer. He is known for his smooth, lyrical playing style and his contributions to the West Coast jazz scene in the 1950s. Baker’s personal life was tumultuous, and he struggled with drug addiction for much of his career. He died in 1988 at the age of 58.
  3. James Baker – James Baker is an American attorney, diplomat, and politician who served as the Secretary of State under President George H.W. Bush. He has also held several other high-level government positions, including Chief of Staff to President Ronald Reagan and Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan. Baker is widely regarded as one of the most effective political operators of his generation.
  4. Kathy Baker – Kathy Baker is an American actress who has appeared in numerous film, television, and stage productions. She is a three-time Emmy Award winner and has been nominated for several other awards throughout her career. Some of her most notable roles include Dr. Jill Brock on the TV series Picket Fences and Anne Marie Sakowitz in the film Edward Scissorhands.
  5. Peter Baker – Peter Baker is an American journalist who is currently the chief White House correspondent for The New York Times. He has covered several presidential administrations and has written several books, including Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House and Obama: The Call of History. Baker is known for his in-depth reporting and insightful analysis of American politics.
  6. Dwayne Baker – Dwayne Baker is a former Canadian football offensive lineman who played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League. He played for several seasons before retiring in 2012 and now works as a high school football coach.
  7. Ginger Baker – Ginger Baker was an English drummer who is best known for his work with the rock bands Cream and Blind Faith. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest drummers in rock history and was known for his innovative, polyrhythmic playing style. Baker died in 2019 at the age of 80.
  8. Sara Blakely – Sara Blakely is an American entrepreneur who is the founder of Spanx, a popular line of shapewear and hosiery. She started the company in 2000 with just $5,000 and has since built it into a multi-million dollar business. Blakely is also a philanthropist and has donated millions of dollars to various causes, including education and women’s empowerment.

Tom Baker with the Surname Baker

Tom Baker was born on January 20, 1934, in Liverpool, England. He grew up in a working-class family and was one of seven siblings. Baker’s parents were both alcoholics, and his childhood was marked by poverty and instability.

After leaving school at the age of 15, Baker worked a variety of odd jobs before joining the British Army in 1955. He was stationed in West Germany and trained as a signaller. However, Baker left the army after three years due to his opposition to the Suez Crisis.

Baker then worked as a construction worker and a laborer before finding his way into acting. He began performing with local theater companies and eventually landed a spot at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Baker’s breakout role came in 1974 when he was cast as the fourth incarnation of the Doctor in the long-running British television series Doctor Who. He played the role for seven seasons and became one of the most beloved actors to portray the character.

After leaving Doctor Who in 1981, Baker continued to act in film, television, and theater. He also worked as a voice actor, providing the voice of the narrator in the British children’s show Little Britain.

Baker has been married four times and has two sons from his first marriage. He has been open about his struggles with alcoholism and depression throughout his life and has credited his wife, Sue Jerrard, with helping him overcome these challenges.

In addition to his acting career, Baker has also published several books, including his autobiography, Who on Earth is Tom Baker? and a novel, The Boy Who Kicked Pigs. He has also worked as a DJ and recorded several albums of poetry and music.

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