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Surname Corbett – People Called Corbett

Surname Corbett

Surname Corbett is a surname of English and Irish origin. It is derived from the Old French word “corbet,” which was a nickname for someone with a raven-like appearance or a dark complexion. The surname can also be a habitational name from various places named with the Old French word, such as Corbey in France or Corbets Tey in England.

The surname is most commonly found in England, Ireland, and Scotland. It has also been found in various parts of the United States, particularly in states with large Irish or English populations such as New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

In recent times, the surname “Corbett” has become associated with the American naturalist and hunter Jim Corbett, who is famous for his work in protecting the Bengal tiger and other wildlife in India.

Overall, the surname “Corbett” is a relatively common one, with thousands of individuals bearing the name worldwide.

Here are some notable individuals with the surname “Corbett” in the United Kingdom:

  1. Julian Corbett – British historian and naval strategist, known for his works on the history of naval warfare.
  2. Roy Corbett – English actor and comedian, best known for his role as Dave on the television series “The Likely Lads”.
  3. Bob Corbett – English footballer, who played as a goalkeeper for clubs such as West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa.
  4. Rosemary Corbett – British botanist and geneticist, known for her contributions to the study of plant genetics and evolution.
  5. Martin Corbett – the British footballer, played as a defender for clubs such as Bristol City and Birmingham City.
  6. John Corbett – English singer and songwriter, best known for his work with the band “The Beautiful South”.
  7. Francis Corbett – an English rugby union player, played for clubs such as Harlequins and the national team.

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