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Potential Scam Line: 01482 380362

01482 380362

In the vibrant city of Hull, where communication threads the community together, a concerning pattern has emerged with the phone number 01482 380362. Reports and suspicions have floated around, hinting that this number could be part of a scam operation. White Pages Hull is committed to safeguarding our community’s interests, and this blog post serves as both a warning and a resource.

Understanding the Threat from 01482 380362

Scam phone calls are an all-too-common nuisance, with fraudsters constantly devising new strategies to deceive unsuspecting individuals. The number in question, 01482 380362, has raised eyebrows, leading many to question its legitimacy. While concrete evidence is pivotal before labeling any number as a scam definitively, awareness and caution are your best defenses.

Signs of a Scam Call

Recognizing the hallmarks of a scam call can help you steer clear of potential threats. Here are some red flags associated with scam calls:

  • Unsolicited Offers or Demands: Scammers often present enticing offers or create a sense of urgency to extract personal information or financial details.
  • Request for Personal Information: Be wary of any calls asking for personal details, banking information, or passwords.
  • Pressure Tactics: High-pressure tactics or threats are a scammer’s go-to method to compel immediate action.
  • Pre-recorded Messages: Automated messages that prompt you to press a button or call back could be a setup for a scam.

How to Respond to Suspicious Calls from 01482 380362

If you receive a call from 01482 380362 or any number that raises suspicion, here are steps you can take:

  • Do Not Provide Personal Information: Your first line of defense is to keep your personal and financial information secure. Do not share any details over the phone unless you are absolutely sure of the caller’s identity.
  • Hang Up and Call Back: If the caller claims to represent a legitimate company or institution, hang up and contact the entity directly using a verified number.
  • Report the Number: Help the community by reporting suspicious numbers to authorities and scam-tracking websites. Sharing your experience can prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.
  • Use Call Blocking Services: Many phone companies offer services or apps that allow you to block unwanted calls, providing an additional layer of protection.

White Pages Hull: Your Ally Against Scams

At White Pages Hull, our mission extends beyond connecting people; we aim to create a secure communication environment. We encourage our community members to remain vigilant and informed. Together, we can combat the menace of scam calls and ensure that our conversations remain safe and enjoyable.

Therefore if you’ve had an encounter with the number 01482 380362 or any other suspicious number, we urge you to share your experience. Awareness is a powerful tool against scams, and by pooling our knowledge, we can protect one another from these deceitful tactics.

Stay safe, Hull.

KCOM: Evolving Hull’s Telecommunications


Tracing the journey of Kingston Communications (KCOM) in Hull, UK, offers a glimpse into the evolution of telecommunications from the era of thick White Pages directories to today’s digital age. This post explores KCOM’s transformation from a monopolistic entity to a modern competitor in a dynamic market.

The roots of Hull’s unique telecommunication system date back to the late 19th century. Unlike other UK regions, Hull maintained an independent telephone system, operated by the municipally-owned Kingston Communications. This local governance approach marked the beginning of a distinctive telecommunication journey for Hull.

The Monopoly Era

KCOM’s monopoly era is not just remembered for its cream-colored phone boxes, but also for the iconic White Pages directory. This thick book was a staple in every Hull household and business, listing every phone number subscribed to the local Hull network. It symbolized KCOM’s comprehensive coverage and was a vital tool for communication in the city.

With the deregulation of the UK’s telecommunications, they faced new challenges. The thick White Pages began to thin, mirroring the decline in landline usage as mobile phones and online directories emerged. KCOM had to adapt to these changes, diversifying its services and upgrading its infrastructure to remain relevant in the increasingly competitive market.

KCOM The Present and Beyond

Today, they competes with other providers in a liberalized market. The once-ubiquitous White Pages have become thinner, reflecting the shift to digital solutions and fewer landline users. They now focuse on high-speed internet services and is investing in fiber-optic technology, catering to the modern needs of Hull’s residents and businesses.

KCOM’s story is a testament to adaptation and resilience in the face of technological and market changes. From the days of thick White Pages to the current era of digital connectivity, They have also continuously evolved, playing a significant role in Hull’s telecommunication history.

Historical images of Hull’s cream-colored phone boxes, alongside the evolution of the White Pages directory

We encourage readers to share their memories, especially relating to the White Pages and the transition to digital telecommunications. For more information on current services or to delve deeper into Hull’s telecom history, [provide relevant links and resources]. Your stories add a personal touch to Hull’s rich telecommunication heritage.

Hull 01482 293852 – Who’s Calling Me

Hull 01482 293852

ResQ is a technical support and customer service company that works with Vodafone in the UK. They have offices in Hull and call from the number Hull 01482 293852 & 01482 481200 & 01482 293882 & 01482 481481 to try and upgrade Vodafone customers when out of contract. They provide support for Vodafone customers, helping them with a wide range of technical issues related to mobile phones and other devices. They also provide customer service and support for billing and account-related issues.

Hull 01482 293852

ResQ is an outsourced provider that works with Vodafone to ensure that its customers receive high-quality support and service. ResQ is not a standalone company but a subsidiary of Vodafone. ResQ started its operation in 2020, it was founded by Vodafone to provide additional support to customers and improve their overall experience.

Vodafone is a large telecommunications company, and they likely have a number of different companies that provide technical support for their customers.

Some of the companies that may provide technical support for Vodafone include:

  1. ResQ : as I mentioned earlier, ResQ is a subsidiary of Vodafone that provides technical support and customer service for Vodafone customers.
  2. Vodafone’s own technical support team: Vodafone likely has its own in-house technical support team that is responsible for providing support to customers.
  3. Third-party outsourcing companies: Vodafone may also contract with third-party outsourcing companies to provide technical support for their customers.
  4. Manufacturer support: Many devices that Vodafone sells, such as smartphones and tablets, will come with manufacturer support. This will include the manufacturer’s own support website. This is where users can find help and troubleshooting guides, as well as the ability to contact the manufacturer for more in-depth support.

It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other companies that provide technical support for Vodafone. It’s also worth noting that Vodafone’s technical support options may vary depending on the specific product or service that the customer is using.

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To do in Hull, White Telephone Boxes?

What are some popular cultural activities to do in Hull?

To do in Hull

What to do in Hull? Some popular cultural activities in Hull include visiting the Hull Maritime Museum, which features exhibits on the city’s seafaring history, and the Ferens Art Gallery, which houses a collection of British and European art. The Hull Truck Theatre and Hull New Theatre are also popular venues for live performances, including plays, musicals, and comedy shows.

Are there any outdoor activities to do in Hull? Yes, there are many outdoor activities to do in Hull. The city has several parks and gardens. East Park and West Park, both offer a variety of recreational activities such as walking, cycling, and picnicking. The Humber Bridge is also a popular spot for walking and cycling, offering beautiful views of the River Humber. For water activities, visitors can take a boat tour on the River Hull or try their hand at kayaking or paddleboarding on the Humber estuary.

What are some unique shopping experiences in Hull? It offers a variety of unique shopping experiences, including the historic Old Town, with independent shops, cafes, and restaurants. The Fruit Market is also a popular spot for shopping, with a collection of unique boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops. The St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre is another popular destination for shopping, featuring a wide range of high street brands and department stores.

What are some kid-friendly activities to do in Hull?

Hull offers a variety of kid-friendly activities, including the Streetlife Museum of Transport, which features a collection of vintage cars, buses, and bicycles. The Hull and East Riding Museum have interactive exhibits on the history and culture of the region. The Hull Marina is also a popular spot for families, offering a variety of activities such as boat rides, fishing, and picnicking. The Hull fair is also a popular attraction with kids and adults alike.

Are there any festivals or events happening in Hull? Yes, Hull hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. The Hull Freedom Festival is an annual event celebrating the city’s rich cultural heritage. It has a mix of live music, performance art, and street theater. The Hull Comedy Festival is another popular event, featuring a lineup of top comedians. The Hull Food and Drink Festival is an annual event, celebrating the city’s culinary scene. The event includes food and drink vendors, cooking demonstrations, and other events.

Hull’s Telephone Exchange and White Telephone Boxes

Hull has its own telephone exchange and white telephone boxes because of its history as a separate entity from the rest of the UK. Kingston Upon Hull is a port city located on the north bank of the River Humber in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Hull was a major center of trade and industry. It had a growing population that needed to be connected to the rest of the country through the telephone.

In order to meet this need, the Hull Corporation (the local government at the time) decided to establish its own telephone exchange and telephone boxes. The first telephone exchange in Hull was opened in 1884, and it was operated by the Hull Corporation. The exchange was located in the city center, and it was connected to the national telephone network through underground cables.

White Telephone Boxes

In addition to the telephone exchange, the Hull Corporation also installed white telephone boxes around the city. These telephone boxes were designed to be visually distinctive and easy to spot, and they became a familiar sight on the streets of Hull. The white telephone boxes in Hull were also unique in that they were made of cast iron. Around the rest of the UK the more common red telephone boxes are made of painted wood. The white telephone boxes are still present today and are considered as a symbol of Hull.

The Hull Corporation’s decision to establish its own telephone exchange was a significant factor in the city’s development as a major center of communication and commerce. The Hull Telephone Exchange and the white telephone boxes were a source of pride for the people of Hull. They continue to be an important part of the city’s heritage today.

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Famous People From Hull Alive & Dead

People from Hull

10 famous people from Hull

Andrew Marvell – Andrew Marvell from Hull was a 17th-century poet, politician and satirist, known for his wit and political satire. He was born in Winestead-in-Holderness, near Hull, in 1621. Marvell is considered one of the greatest poets of the 17th century, and his most famous works include “The Garden” and “To His Coy Mistress”.

Philip Larkin – Philip Larkin was a 20th-century poet, novelist and jazz critic. He was born in Coventry, but spent most of his life in Hull, where he worked as a librarian. Larkin is considered one of the most important poets of the post-war era, and his most famous works include “The Whitsun Weddings” and “High Windows”.

Wilfred Pickles – Wilfred Pickles was a 20th-century actor, and radio and television presenter. He was born in Halifax, but spent much of his early career in Hull, where he worked as a stage actor. Pickles is best remembered as the host of the long-running BBC radio program “Have A Go!”, which ran from 1946 to 1967.

People from Hull

Andrew Roachford is a British singer, songwriter, and musician, best known as the lead singer of the band Roachford. He was born in London, but raised in Hull and is considered one of the most influential figures in British soul and R&B music.

John Godber – John Godber is a playwright, actor, and director, best known for his plays “Bouncers” and “Shakers”. He was born and raised in Upton, near Hull, and is considered one of the most important figures in contemporary British theatre. He is also the artistic director of the Hull Truck Theatre.

John Harrison – John Harrison was a clockmaker and inventor, best known for his creation of the marine chronometer. His creation was used to determine longitude at sea. He was born in Foulby, near Wakefield, but spent much of his life in Hull, where he worked as a carpenter and clockmaker.

Maureen Lipman – Maureen Lipman is an actress, comedian, and writer. She was born in Hull, and began her career as a stage actress, before moving on to television and film. Lipman is best known for her roles in the British television series “Agony” and “Ladies of Letters”.

James Reckitt from Hull

James Reckitt was a 19th-century industrialist, philanthropist, and politician. He was born in Hull and became a successful businessman in the city, owning Reckitt’s Blue, a household cleaning product. He also served as a member of parliament for Hull and was a major benefactor to the city.

David Whitfield – David Whitfield was a popular British singer in the 1950s. He was born in Hull and became one of the most successful British singers of the 1950s. He sold over 15 million records worldwide. He is best remembered for his hit song “Cara Mia”.

Lillian Board – Lillian Board was a British athlete and Olympian. She was born in Hull and is considered one of the most talented female athletes of her generation. Board competed in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City and won a silver medal in the 800 meters, becoming the first British woman to win an Olympic medal in that event

5 of Hull’s Sporting People

  1. Steve Bruce – Steve Bruce is a former professional footballer and current football manager. He was born in Corbridge, but grew up in Hull and began his professional career with Hull City. He played as a centre-back and went on to play for several other teams including Manchester United, where he won several major trophies including the Premier League and the FA Cup. After retiring from playing, he became a successful football manager, managing several teams including Hull City, Aston Villa, and Newcastle United.
  2. Dean Windass – Dean Windass is a former professional footballer. He was born in Hull and began his professional career with Hull City. He played as a striker and went on to play for several other teams including Bradford City and Oldham Athletic. He is most remembered for scoring the winning goal for Hull City in the 2008 Football League One play-off final, which helped the team to achieve promotion to the Football League Championship.
  3. Gareth Ellis – Gareth Ellis is a former professional rugby league player. He was born in Wakefield, but grew up in Hull and began his professional career with Hull FC. He played as a second-row and went on to play for several other teams including Leeds Rhinos and the Wests Tigers. He is considered one of the best second-row forwards of his generation and has represented Great Britain and England in international rugby league.

More People in Sport

  1. Luke Campbell – Luke Campbell is a professional boxer. He was born in Hull and began his professional career in 2013. He is a two-time Olympic medalist, winning a gold medal in the bantamweight division at the 2012 London Olympics. He has also held several major titles as a professional boxer, including the WBC Silver lightweight title and the WBC Silver featherweight title.
  2. John Charles – John Charles is a former professional footballer. He was born in Wakefield, but grew up in Hull and began his professional career with Hull City. He played as a striker and went on to play for several other teams including Leeds United, where he is considered one of the club’s greatest players. He is also considered one of the best centre-forwards of his generation and has represented Wales in international football. He was also inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2005.

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In Hull? What are Popular Things To Do in Hull

The Deep and River Hull in Hull

What are some popular tourist attractions in Hull?

Some popular tourist attractions in Hull include the Hull Maritime Museum, the Hull Old Town, and the Ferens Art Gallery. The Hull Maritime Museum is located on the historic High Street and has interactive exhibits that highlight Hull’s rich maritime history. The Hull Old Town is a historic area that features charming cobbled streets and Georgian and Victorian architecture. The Ferens Art Gallery is home to a collection of over 2,000 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.

What are some good shopping options in Hull?
Hull offers a variety of shopping options, including the St. Stephen’s shopping center, the Prospect Centre, and the Princes Quay shopping center. St. Stephen’s is a large indoor mall that features a wide range of shops, including high-street and designer brands. The Prospect Centre is a covered shopping center with a mix of high-street and independent shops. Princes Quay is a modern shopping center that offers a mix of high-street and designer brands, as well as a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Are there any good parks or outdoor spaces to visit in Hull?
Hull has several beautiful parks and outdoor spaces to visit, including East Park, Pearson Park, and the Hull Marina. East Park is the largest park in Hull and features a lake, playgrounds, and a skatepark. Pearson Park is a Victorian park that features beautiful gardens, a playground, and a bandstand. The Hull Marina is a picturesque area that offers great views of the River Hull and is a popular spot for walking and picnicking.

What are some good options for eating or dining out in Kingston Upon Hull?

Hull has a diverse culinary scene, with a variety of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Some popular options include The Deep, a world-class aquarium that has a restaurant overlooking the ocean, The Old House, a traditional pub with a great selection of beers and a menu of classic British dishes. Another great option is the 1884 Dock Street Kitchen, which is a modern restaurant that serves a mix of British and international cuisine.

Are there any events or festivals happening in Hull?
Hull is home to a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, including the Hull International Comedy Festival, the Freedom Festival, and the Humber Street Sesh. The Hull International Comedy Festival is an annual event that features a lineup of comedians from around the world. The Freedom Festival is a celebration of arts and culture that takes place over three days in September. The Humber Street Sesh is an annual music festival that takes place in the heart of Hull’s vibrant Marina district.

What are some popular theatres in Hull?

Hull has several popular theatres, including the Hull New Theatre, the Hull Truck Theatre, and the Middleton Hall. The Hull New Theatre is a large, modern venue that hosts a wide range of productions, including musicals, plays, and comedy shows. The Hull Truck Theatre is a smaller, more intimate venue that focuses on producing new and innovative works. The Middleton Hall is a large concert hall and theatre that hosts a wide range of productions, including classical music, ballet, and theatre performances.

What type of productions can I expect to see at the Hull New Theatre?
The Hull New Theatre hosts a wide range of productions, including musicals, plays, comedy shows, and concerts. Some recent productions include “Les Miserables”, “The Lion King”, “Mamma Mia!” and “The Phantom of the Opera”. They also host shows like “The Comedy About A Bank Robbery”, “The Play That Goes Wrong” and “The Woman in Black” and also concerts of famous bands and comedians.

What type of productions can I expect to see at the Hull Truck Theatre?
The Hull Truck Theatre focuses on producing new and innovative works, with a focus on contemporary theatre. They often produce plays by local playwrights and new writing. They also host a variety of workshops, classes and events that are open to the public. The company is known for its socially engaged work, focusing on stories and issues of particular relevance to the Hull community.

What kind of events and shows can I expect to see at the Middleton Hall?

The Middleton Hall hosts a wide variety of events and shows, including classical music concerts, ballet performances, and theatre productions. They also host a number of visiting orchestras and comedians. They are also known for hosting large-scale events, such as conferences and exhibitions.

Are there any discounts available for theater tickets in Hull?
Many of the theatres in Hull offer discounts on tickets for certain performances, such as matinees or midweek shows. They also offer discounts for students, seniors, and other groups. Some theatres also offer a membership program that allows members to purchase tickets at a discounted rate. Additionally, many of the theatres offer a rush ticket program, where unsold tickets are made available at a discounted price on the day of the performance.

It’s always recommended to check the theatre’s website or to call them for the latest discounts and offers.

. Also checking out Hull White Pages here.

Finding lost relatives that have Emigrated to Australia from the UK

Finding lost relatives that have Emigrated to Australia from the UK

Finding lost relatives who have emigrated to Australia from the UK can be a challenging task, but there are several resources and strategies that may help. Some suggestions include:

  • Searching for your relative’s name in online genealogy databases, such as Ancestry.com or the Genealogy section of the UK National Archives website.
  • A good start is to contact the General Register Office in the UK or the Australian government’s National Archives. You can then obtain any available public records, such as birth, marriage, or death certificates.
  • Reaching out to any other family members or friends who may have information about your lost relative’s whereabouts.
  • Joining social media groups or online forums dedicated to connecting people with ancestors from the UK or Australia.
  • Hiring a professional genealogist or investigator to assist with your search.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all records may be accessible, and in some cases your relative may not want to be found.

Emigrated to Australia from the UK

It can be a complex and time-consuming process. The requirements and eligibility criteria for emigrating to Australia vary depending on factors such as your occupation, qualifications, and age. Additionally, you may need to pass a health and character check, and demonstrate that you have enough funds to support yourself financially upon arrival.

It’s recommended to consult the Australian government’s immigration website or an immigration lawyer for specific details. Also checking out Hull White Pages here.

A little bit about Australia. Australia is a country and continent located in the Southern Hemisphere, known for its diverse landscapes and unique wildlife. The first people to migrate to Australia were the Indigenous Australians, who arrived around 50,000 years ago. Europeans began colonizing Australia in 1788, when a British expedition led by Captain Arthur Phillip established a penal colony in Sydney. This marked the beginning of significant European settlement in Australia. This led to the displacement of Indigenous Australians and the development of a distinct Australian culture. More immigration from Ireland, China, and other parts of Europe, have also contributed to the formation of modern Australia.

Finding Family Members in the White Pages, Online

Social Media Family Members

There are several ways to find lost family members:

  1. Social media: Search for your lost family member on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  2. Online people search engines: Use online people search engines like Spokeo, Whitepages, and Pipl to search for your lost family member by name, age, location, and other identifying information.
  3. Public records: Search public records such as birth, marriage, and death certificates, as well as voting records and property records, to find information about your lost family member.
  4. Genealogy websites: Use genealogy websites such as Ancestry, MyHeritage, and FamilySearch to trace your family tree and possibly find information about your lost family member.
  5. Hire an investigator: If you are unable to find your lost family member on your own, you may want to consider hiring a private investigator who can help you locate them.
  6. Reach out to relatives: Reach out to other relatives, like grandparents, aunts, uncles, or family friends, they may have some information or know how to contact the lost family member.

It’s important to keep in mind that finding a lost family member can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but with persistence and the use of various resources, you may be able to locate them.

The most common surnames in the UK for families are:

  1. Smith
  2. Jones
  3. Williams
  4. Taylor
  5. Brown
  6. Davies
  7. Evans
  8. Wilson
  9. Thomas
  10. Roberts

These surnames are considered to be the most common in the UK, and they have been used by many families for many generations. However, it’s important to note that the popularity of surnames can vary depending on the region and demographic group.

It’s also worth noting that the popularity of surnames changes over time, and the most common surnames today may not have been as common in the past, and vice versa.

White pages in Hull, what are they?

White Pages is a directory that lists contact information for individuals and businesses in a specific area, including their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

The White Pages is often used as a reference guide to find the contact information of people and businesses in a particular location.

In Hull, England, the White Pages would include a list of individuals and businesses in the Hull area, along with their contact information. This could include their names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as any other relevant information such as their occupation or the type of business they run. The White Pages is typically available in print form or online and can be accessed through a variety of sources such as libraries, government offices, or online directories.

Fix Your Bike voucher, whose in Hull that can help?

Looking for a bike shop that is offering this help with the scheme the government has introduced? We have many bike repair shops through East and West Hull and would guess most will be jumping on this very quickly.

Fix Your Bike vouchers

Finding that old bike in your shed or garage and using a “Fix Your Bike voucher” may be a great idea for the summer months but we’re sure people won’t carry on the trend into the dark wet windy cold months of winter.

What do you think of the Fix Your Bike voucher in Hull?